Student’s Corner

Manjari Youth Forum is a subset of Manjari School of Performing Arts dedicated to activities of the student body. This group was created by the students as a forum to express their ideas about music, to share thoughts about South Asian and American culture, to network with fellow students, and to reach out to young musicians, like themselves, throughout the larger community.

Manjari Youth Forum holds group meetings every couple of months which are coordinated and mediated by a different senior student each time. They cover various topics ranging from current events, new music, ways to improve the youth forum and overall organization, and creative, fundraising ideas.

“Manjari School of Performing Arts is a rare cultural experience in the heart of New Jersey. Manjari is a non-profit that serves the children of the Southeast Asian community, and brings back the traditional method of providing North Indian Classical Music instruction.  The students’ Youth Forum has created an atmosphere for sharing experience and sparks discussion. It gives students an opportunity to be an integral part of Manjari and also generates key leadership qualities. It allows students to feel part of the Manjari family, further instilling the traditional virtues that are uncommon elsewhere. Overall, it imparts to  the students a feeling of unity, and connects all the disciple of Manjari.” – Wamia Siddiqui is a disciple of Manjari who has recently been accepted into the Middlesex County Academy of Allied Health and Biomedical Sciences.
“I have been learning music from Guruji Sharmila Ghoshal since I was little girl. All of my grade school years, college years, and some of my full-time working years have memories of Manjari in them. From the first time I learned how to play the tanpura to the adrenaline of singing a solo in front of hundreds of people, Manjari has given me the chance to be courageous, confident, and cultured. Today, nothing warms my heart more than to stop by a student performance or catch up with the Manjari clan, because that’s really what it feels like — family.” – Amanda Amanullah is an alumnus of Manjari who graduated from Rutgers University and works in publishing.

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